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What’s the best way to work from home…

There probably is no “best” way, but you might find the best way for you in one of these guides or tip-filled articles.

If you find yourself working closer to your bedroom because of coronavirus, The NY Times put together some tips that can help.

How to Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind

No matter why you’re WFH, snack breaks and boundaries are your friends. Read more on Wired

The Coronavirus Is Creating a Huge, Stressful Experiment in Working From Home

Even before the pandemic struck, remote work was accelerating in the U.S. But the next few months will be a very strange test of our white-collar future. Read more in The Atlantic.

Working From Home: A Beginner’s Guide

from Adobe 99U

Adobe Distance Learning Resources

Resources and learning opportunities to help educators engage remote students through online learning.

How to look your best on a webcam

Check your lighting and be deliberate about the background you’re showing the world. By Julie Lasky for the NY Times.

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