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What better times to discover new Documentaries movies & TV Shows than now…

We found a bunch of services which were kind enough to give free or trial streaming services. But also so many oh so welcome recco’s.

My Darling Quarantine Short Film Festival

We proudly present the first – and hopefully only – edition of the My Darling Quarantine Short Film Festival! Programmed by the international short film community.

IDFA Films

IDFA has made 200-300 films & documentaries available for streaming. If you are in The Netherlands there are 300 titles available for free, in other countries 200 titles.  See their selection.

Gary Hustwitt (Helvetica, Objectified, etc)

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, filmmaker Gary Hustwit decided to stream his films for free to viewers staying indoors anywhere in the world. No catch, nothing to sign-up for, just free. He’ll be streaming a new free movie every week, launching every Tuesday.

TOMorrow Channel by Tom Dixon

YESTERDAY was distressing, TODAY is unknown.  TOMORROW is because we also need to be positive about what we do next.

Sharing our latest ideas, improving the spaces around us and finding out what’s happening with our friends around the globe. But mainly it’s here to stop cabin fever as we all self-isolate. Watch TOMorrow Channel here.

The 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now

Compiled by The New York Times

Here is The New York Times list of the…

best movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and the best TV and movies on Disney Plus

The 20 Best TV Dramas since ‘The Sopranos’

Compiled by The New York Times

Comforting TV shows for stressful times

When the world feels exhausting, sometimes you want shows that offer a simple escape. Here are a few shows that will envelop you in their warm embrace. Compiled by The New York Times

The streaming service constantly pumps out new original TV series, making it tough to keep up. These are the best from the past few months. Compiled by The New York Times

The 30 best international TV shows of the 2010s

The 2010s saw a radical shift in the trade balance when it comes to television series. Our critic counts down the finest imports, from “Fleabag” to “Strong Girl Bong-soon.” Compiled by The New York Times

Some can be binged over a few days. Some might take a few months. All of them should boost your spirits. Compiled by The New York Times

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